Sunday, February 22, 2009

День защитника Отечества

Defender of the Fatherland Day

Holiday observed in Russia & many former Soviet is celebrated on February 23 evry year..

The holiday marks d date in 1918 during the Russian Civil War when d first mass draft into the Red Army occurred in Petrograd & Moscow..

It was originally known as Red Army Day..In 1949 it was renamed Soviet Army and Navy Day..following d fall of d Soviet Union in 1991..d holiday was given itz current name.. d name suggests..d holiday celebrate people who are serving or were serving d Russian Armed Forces (laki & ppuan)..but unofficially, nationally it has also more recently come to include d celebration of men as a whole..and to act as a counterpart of International Women's Day on March 8..

The holiday is celebrated with parades & processions in honor of veterans..and women also give small gifts to d Russian men in their lives..especially husbands (or bf pn boleh jnji laki russian)..fathers & sons.. colloquial usage..d holiday is often referred to as Men's part due to d large Russian population in St. Louis..Missouri there has been a movement in this area to bring International Men's Day to d America..

In Tajikistan..d holiday is known as Tajik National Army Day..

In Chechnya and Ingushetia this holiday is not celebrated..coz February 23/1944 is d date of d mass deportations of Chechens and Ingush to Central Asia..d entire holiday is extremely controversial for Chechens and Ingush because of the date..